Thursday, March 27, 2008

My first Magic Loop Sock

My first Magic Loop Sock
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Pattern: Made it up based on countless tutorials on magic loop knitting and then cables based on whimsy. Increases for abandoned calf shaping the same.
Yarn: Lisa Souza Merino Sport in Delft.
Needles: 1 long circular, size 4

I wanted to learn the magic loop technique so I cast these on last spring. Since I just finished them, you can imagine there was a gap in there. I love doing 2 at once, because I can imagine never finishing the second. I appreciate the elegance of the technique as well, but I just don't think I'm a sock knitter. I like the socks, but I like faster knits. Since I'm limited to knitting on the subway, which is a time as well as project size limitation, I think I enjoy quick accessory type knits most, since I like to spend no more than 2 weeks on a project. I do spend longer but I get bored after about 2 weeks of the same.

I was originally going to knit until the yarn ran out but decided I'd had enough even though I'd started the calf shaping to make a knee sock. I think I would have made it too with 875 yards of sport weight. I think I will use the remainder to design a socklet pattern.

I like the pretty blue flecky color of these but I think they are too thick to wear with shoes, so they will be house socks. Thus, they will be seen more often.

Verdict: Magic loop is neat, socks are nowhere to be found in my alley.

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