Monday, March 31, 2008

Clapotis swatch - complete and frogged

Last Roll - 13.jpg
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Here's a long view of the swatch. Looking at it with the stitches dropped I think I like the pooled areas as well as or better than the stripes. The truth is I like the white flecked color better than the pink and if it isn't pooled it gets sort of lost between stripes of pink. Sigh. Well, then I'll just let it pool when it wills.

Also I just realized that the 43 stitch width would not be the width of the scarf and instead the width of the bias, making the scarf narrower than I was thinking 43 stitches would give me.

Since I like the pooled and the striped sections, I think I will be ok just increasing to the width I'd like and letting it pool and stripe where it will. So much for swatching to figure out the colorway.

I have frogged this quite substantial swatch now so that I can get as much length as possible for the scarf. Ready to cast on!

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