Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Greek Coffee Cup Cozy - Pattern on WoYNW

Greek Coffee Cup Cozy - Pattern designing
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I'm a little starstruck. Violet of the Lime & Violet podcast just gave me a shoutout for the WoYNW (What's on Your Needles Wednesday) flash this week. I look forward to their podcast all week, so I'm feeling a little caffeinated at the moment despite no coffee today. I'm just gonna bask. Thanks.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fetching Necessity

Fetching Necessity
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A convertible mitten hybrid of's Fetching and subway knitter's Urban Necessity from Magknits.

Knit from stash on US 6's; cream Lamb's Pride worsted and Nashua Woolly Stripes Yarn in Ocean (leftover from Mom's felted slipper socks). I love the Woolly Stripes yarn for sheen and color change (I also have 2 skeins in Key West waiting for a project)

I knit and love a pair of Fetching mitts, but I needed something warmer for this past winter, so I melded the two patterns, choosing the Fetching cable detailing and single opening for the fingers, and the Urban Necessity's flip top construction.

Check out my flickr page for more detailed photos.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

iPod cozy pattern

iPod cozy - pattern/progress
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Some people have asked for the pattern for this, so here it is! I only have a pattern for the cassette cross stitch, which was made using knitpro and photoshop. Feel free to use the pattern any way you like, except for commercial purposes.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

More cross stitch iPod cozy

iPod cozy - Front
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Here's the front side. I used optical tape to protect the screen. I chose a dark fabric so it wouldn't show dirt from being handled.

Cross Stitch iPod cozy

iPod cozy - Back
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I began this back in May, intending to enter it in whipup's cozy contest, but didn't finish on time. I designed the cross stitch patterns for front and back. I wanted to juxtapose the mix tape (DIY music) with something traditional, so I went with a check pattern and twining flowers. I had intended to thread a ribbon through the cozy along one side to mimic the magnetic tape/openings on the side of a cassette, but had difficulty matching the edges of the cross stitched images and the edges of the iPod and openings. I think this was because I wasn't able to calculate finished dimensions properly, because I used quilt batting to give the cozy some cushioning protection for the iPod. The resulting seams were difficult to sew and came out a little wonkier than I would like. On the whole though, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.