Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Cross Stitch iPod cozy

iPod cozy - Back
Originally uploaded by StoneAmazon.

I began this back in May, intending to enter it in whipup's cozy contest, but didn't finish on time. I designed the cross stitch patterns for front and back. I wanted to juxtapose the mix tape (DIY music) with something traditional, so I went with a check pattern and twining flowers. I had intended to thread a ribbon through the cozy along one side to mimic the magnetic tape/openings on the side of a cassette, but had difficulty matching the edges of the cross stitched images and the edges of the iPod and openings. I think this was because I wasn't able to calculate finished dimensions properly, because I used quilt batting to give the cozy some cushioning protection for the iPod. The resulting seams were difficult to sew and came out a little wonkier than I would like. On the whole though, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.