Friday, October 13, 2006

Knit gifts for a bridal friend.

Jenny and I decided to knit a wedding emergency bag for a friend who is getting married this weekend. The bag will serve the dual purpose of being a pretty, yet subtle remembrance (complete with their wedding logo) and also being a cozy fall bag for her (complete with matching Hurry Up Spring armwarmers).

Knit in Rowan Summer Tweed in Ghost and Vanity (or Blueberry, will have to check the ball band), the bag is lined with purple satin and is the first bag with our label in it. It has a couple pockets for cell phone and small items.

We stuffed it full of all sorts of fun "emergency" items, including the armwarmers (pattern from Stitch n Bitch Nation) since she is always cold. Just for kicks, here's a partial list of the contents:

mini emory sticks
hair spray
breath mints
boby pins
first aid (bandaids, advil, tums, ets)
mini bar (kahlua, vodka, baileys)
blemish stick
hand cream
lip balm
hand sanitizer
energy bars
mini sewing kit
double stick tape
shout wipes
safety pins

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