Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Whiplash - Yarn

Here is a repost of my first whiplash entry:

  • 05.15.06. So here is my first entry into the whiplash competition. I have always loved the look of the Greek deli cups, there is something so deliciously New York about them. I have been thinking of making a to go cup cozy, or java jacket, or cup sleeve, or whatever you call it for some time. I have come very recently to be a huge fan of whipup and whiplash. This week's theme being yarn, it seemed like the perfect chance for me to jump into the competition.
  • I bought a Greek deli cup, did a little photoshop ninjitsu for a pattern and got to work. Knit with Patons Classic Wool and felted in a pot on my stove. Embroidered it freestyle and brewed a little Darjeeling in the cup.
  • Ready to go on this rainy New York morning.

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